Acrylic Nails

(Not include gel polish)
Acrylic is the most durable form of nail enhancement.
Recommended for those constantly work with their
hands. It is the most popular form of artificial nails
due to its durability and low maintenance. Your choice
of a natural buff or UV gel topcoat.
Fill - In
1. Regular Fill
2. Solar Pink Fill
3. Solar Pink & White Fill
4. Gel Builder Fill
5. Fill For Toes
**Take-Off Acrylics
(with/without services)
Gel Polish
add $15
Full Set
** Acrylic Ombre Full Set
1. Regular Full Set
2. Solar White Tip Full Set
3. Solar Pink & White Full Set
4. Gel Builder Full Set
5. Full Set For Toes
Shellac Gel Nails
No-Chip Gel Polish Manicure
Hands are prepped for the gel polish application with the Spa Manicure. The polish is cured with an LED light, and nails are instantly dry! Gel polish feels virtually weightless on your hands and lasts much longer than regular nail polish. Many popular shades are available.
No-Chip Gel Polish Change Without Mani Or Pedi
  • Hands/Feet:....$25/ $35
  • French (Hands/ Feet):....$35/ $45

($3 surcharge for the removal of old gel polish & reapply gel polish on hands or feet)

**Gel Polish Removal (With/Without Service)
$5/ $10
Dipping Powder
(Not include remover)
Dipping Powder
A healthy alternative to acrylic nails: free of harsh chemicals, non-toxic, and odorless. Dipping powder nails are durable but gentle and lightweight. They are applied without liquids or UV light and infused with vitamins for healthy, long-lasting nails.
Ombre Dip
Add Mani
Add Tip
Add French
** Take-Off Sns (With/Without Service)
1. Manicure
2. European Manicure
3. Solar Manicure
4. Children Manicure (10 Yrs And Under)
(Extra massage is included in all upgraded manicures)
(All manicure and pedicure treatments include hands and arms, lower legs, feet reflexology massage, and polish)
Gel Polish Add-On
Take-Off Gel With Service
$3/ without $10
1. Spa Pedicure
 Relax while your feet soak in a warm revitalizing whirlpool bath. Nails are trimmed and shaped, cuticles are groomed and conditioned, removal of rough, callused skin, followed by a relaxing foot and lower leg massage with hydrating lotion, topped off with a steamed hot towel and nail polish of your choice.
 Collagen Socks add on...$10
 *Callus remover....................$5
2. European Spa Pedicure
 Our European Spa Pedicure includes all the luxuries of our Spa Pedicure along with an exfoliating scrub applied to your legs & feet to remove dead skin cells followed by a hydrating mask to moisturize your legs & feet. This service also includes a longer more relaxing leg & foot massage.
 Collagen Socks add on.... $10
3. Aroma Spa Pedicure
 Starts with a therapeutic soak in our whirlpool. A complete pedicure is performed using mineral and european salts to exfoliate the lower legs and feet. A moisture lotion with botanical extracts will be massaged into the legs and your feet will then be submerging in a single use pouch that contains a unique blend of essential aroma oils and paraffin wax.
 Fragrance of your choice: Fressia, Jasmine, Cherry Blossom, Lavender.
 Collagen Socks add on....$5
4. Jelly Therapy Pedicure
 Benefits of the Jelly Pedicure are that the dense jelly mixture massage stressed muscle and acts as a gentle exfoliate. Jelly retains water naturally and combined with the fragrant oils in the jelly Pedicure, moisturizes and softens dry.
 A luxurious continuation of the Jelly Spa Pedicure including a moisturizing scrub, a callus. treatment Choose one of our exclusive scents to be incorporated throughout your pedicure. Includes your choice of polish.
 Fragrance of your choice: Aloe Vera, Lavender, Cherry Sage, Peppermint.
 Collagen Socks add on.... $5
5. Children Pedicure (10 Yrs And Under)
Extra massage is included in all upgraded pedicure
Additional Services
1. Nail Take-Off
2. Polish Change Feet
3. Polish Change Hands
4. Gel & Shellac Removal
5. French
6. Shiny Gel Top Coat
7. Callus Remover
8. Nail Repair
9. Nail Design
10. Buffing Cream
11. Paraffin Wax Hands
12. Paraffin Wax Feet
13. Collagen Gloves
14. Collagen Socks
1. Eyebrows
2. Upper Lip
3. Chin
4. Under Arms
5. Full Arms
6. Half Arms
7. Full Legs
8. Half Legs
9. Full Face
10. Bikini
11. Brazilian
12. Chest
13. Back
Eyelash Extensions
1. Full Set
2. Fill In
Fill With Over 50% Eyelash Extension